January 09, 2007


I woke up at 6:30 this morning...probably because I'd had pretty much exactly eight hours of sleep and my body was like, "come on, already, you really need MORE?!"
or maybe ( and this is more likely) it was because my nose was totally and completely blocked and my mouth was wide open gasping for breath and the lack of oxygen to the brain sent my poor body into overtime with finally the last resort of waking me up so I'd deal with the situation.

Anyway...went back to sleep and was somehow late for work this morning. go figure.

Isnt this delightful, blog-worthy, material?!

Ok, something new: last night I worked on several mini writing projects that have been hanging over my head for weeks...I would have probably finished them ( because they were that fun), but it turns out that these two writing projects had to be done BY HAND..and so my hand got all schriveled up and unhappy and I had to stop or my words would become messy past recognition.

There I was on my couch surrounded my tissues, looking at facebook pictures when I came across a friend of a friends picture and it was then and there that I vowed to moisterize and sunscreen myself every day for the rest of my life if only to be a tiny bit that gorgeous...of course, I immediately failed this morning...since i had time for neither. No matter...I'm pretty sure it was genetics not sunscreen that made her skin so fabulous. ;-)

I need caffine pronto...today's busy.

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