January 24, 2007

failed attempts to try

I had a Java Shake for lunch....I'm waiting for the normal sugar/caffine rush to kick in and make me feel better.

It hasnt been the greatest of days, but I ultimately dont feel like complaining about it here. And instead I'll just say that I'm SURPRISED that none of you commented on the adorable advertisment with the little girl in the back of the Volvo from yesterday's post. I mean, come on! It was soooo cute!

And speaking of girliness, I watched the movie Stepmom last night...what a drama-fest! Honestly!I am surprised I didnt cry. Last week I totally would have cried...and today. Today I would have cried. But, last night I was no-emotions Girl. Last night I was hormonally-stable Girl. Today? None of the above. Today I am don't-tempt-me-with-chocolate-because-I-WILL-take it Girl. ( How are those superhero names? Not really up to x-men quality just yet, but I'll work on it and get back with you...)

So, guess what? Father-o-mine has a blog! Isnt this exciting?! You should go check it out...of course, I didnt notice any way to comment on the blog to encourage him in his efforts ( I need to mention that to him..because EVERYBODY needs feedback!)- But, there is also his website, and I think you can email him there. ;-)

I'm getting my bangs cut again today...every time I decide to grow them out-someone says something like "oh, I wish you wouldnt" and then I cave...not necessarily because of the compliments ( although, who isnt a sucker for THOSE?) but mostly because growing out bangs is possibly one of THE most annoying things under the sun. Hair in the eyes= dreadful. SO yesterday the hair the face was becoming SO beyond annoying that I called my hair guy right then and there and he fit me in for this afternoon. Good.

Oh, so I lied...I said I wasnt going to talk about the things that made today bad but I just CANT HELP MYSELF.
Pharmaceutical companies, they are evil.
In fact, since I've sworn off of poltics and I no longer spend any energy thinking that THIS politician is evil and THAT poltician is bad...I now can center ALL of my negative thoughts towards those who TRULY deserve it... Pharmaceuticals.
Yup, how would YOU like to pay $96 for 30 pills ( which you are told to take twice a day) which equals...ooooooh $6.40 a DAY...?!?! And since we're already on the subject lets just go ahead and add that to the ( doing more math in my head) $1.50 I am paying per day for the stupid anti-baby pill ( which is, incidently what I blame this mega drama-queeness on in the first place)...and NOW I am paying...$7.90 a day to keep "pain away"...which begs the question DO I really feel any better?

Well, maybe a little better...but definitely not 8 dollars a day better.
I am 23 years old and I am taking more medicine than my grandmother. This is retarded. And no, I did not buy the $96 dollar medicine because I honestly dont have that much faith in modern medicine.
I mean, what could be IN this medicine that makes it so darn good?!


Trinity Scott said...

I don't know, mine didn't cost that much, but it sure worked after my c-section! (I assume you're talking about a pain killer.)

Christa said...

Oh abby. will you take some advice from a medicaly oriented student? I think that you should keep taking the pills. Because the minute that you stop you will wish you hadn't. But on the other hand you might need to take a breake for a while and then see how you feel.

Hung said...

I think most medicines of that sort cost that much, but it's just a matter of whether or not your medical insurance covers it. I don't know if there is a generic version that your insurance company might like better.