January 22, 2007

When I was little...

I sat next to Mr. and Mrs. Powell in church. Apparently ( though I do not remember this) I called Mrs. Powell by the affectionate name "Powell"....nothing more, nothing less. I distinctly remember her putting her arm around while I drew "pictures of the sermon" with broken crayons, and listening to her sing the alto part when we sang hymns....when we moved church building when I was in high school we somehow moved away from sitting next to the Powell's but Mrs. Powell was one of my greatest prayer warriors when I went away to school in New Zealand-and her prayers continue to humble me and bring me great comfort as I go through lifes little lessons.

Last night Mrs. Powell called me to tell me about an ad that she had seen on TV that reminded her of me when I was little...Now, I cant really say for sure whether or not its an accurate picture of me-but what I DO know is that this little girl is TOTALLY adorable and most likely represents tons of little kids and the ramblings of their mind, and I'm a sucker for such things! How it makes your day a little more bright.

Click on the picture of the box with the little girl with the very animated face to see the ad I'm talking about!

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