January 07, 2007

Part ways

So, I said goodbye to Sam today....leaving him in the very very capable hands of the Cleburne Crew....now that I know there is a plan to take pictures with Sam and all the "pretty texas girls"....I know that everything will turn out ok. ;-)
Of course, this did not make it any LESS sad to be leaving, knowing that Sam would be in texas for three more days....such a waste, me going back to work and all! boo.

But, back to work I go....with a very developed little cold. Yes, Sam gave me a cold as a going away gift. Sweet of him. I realized I hadnt really HAD a cold in at least a year, it probably takes some strange New York/New Zealand strand to really get me. hehe.

I am in bed now, with sprite and tissues and books. Went to Barnes and Noble last night...bought several books, one of which was recently mentioned on Brett's blog, The Martian Chronicles....so I am looking forward to reading THAT....plus I also picked up a very random book called "Unusual Suspect", which is the story of Stephen Baldwin....ummm.....yeah. The actor. I know. Random. Right? But, his story of becoming a Christian in his late thirties and then the ministry that he felt called into after that....is pretty fascinating. I am not far into the book yet, but I'll give you a play-by-play once I am finished.

Ooooo.....cold medicine taking affect.....mmmmmmm.....must try and stay awake....

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