January 04, 2007


So, it took us from 9am till 9:30 pm, with the help of a LOT of junk food to watch all three extended edition Lord of the Rings...it is a testimony to their greatness that I wasnt tired of them in the LEAST even at the very end.
With that said I am totally tired! Who new sitting all day would make you so tired?!

But, I got tagged this afternoon and I NEVER ignore such things so, Christa...this is for you :-)

Name? Abigail
Single or Taken? taken
Eye color? blue/grey/green
Height? 5'6"
What are you wearing right now? Pajama pants and a t-shirt
Animal? cat
Drink? tall latte no foam
Month? November
Juice? Cranberry
Favorite Cartoon? Family Guy
Favorite band? DONT MAKE ME PICK!
Given anyone a bath? yes, while babysitting
Bungee Jumped? yes
Made yourself throw-up? yes...but my gag refex is way too good...so it just made me feel even MORE sick!
Skinny dipped?No
Loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes.
Broken a bone? nope
Played truth or dare? Yes.
Been in a physical fight? ummm...I dont know what really counts, so I'm going to say no.
Come close to dying? yes. just recently I car nearly killed me...it was INSANE to see the grace of God.
Been in a hot tub? Yes
Fallen asleep in school? too many times.
Been suspended? No
Run away? No
Cried when someone died? yes
Fallen off your chair? yes, if the time Amy pulled the chair out from under me counts. ;-)
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call? no, that sounds awful! :-(
Saved AIM conversation? yes
Made out with JUST a friend? no!
Used someone? Not as far as I have been aware
Been cheated on? No
Beside you? the couch cushion
Last thing you ate? pizza...mmmmmm
Chicken pox? Yes
Sore throat? Yes
Stitches? Yes.
Broken nose? No
Believe in love at first sight? No, I think people mistake LUST at first sight as love sometimes...
Long distant relationships? yes, thankgoodness
Question yourself? Yes.
Who was the last person that called you? my sister Anna
Who makes you smile the most? probably Brett
Do you like filling these out? sure, why not?
Do you wear contact lenses or glasses? I actually really love my glasses...most of the time.
Do you get along with your family? Yes, I am truly blessed.
What did you do today? Watched ALL THREE EXTENDED EDITION LORD OF THE RINGS...and thats it. ;-)
What car/truck do you wish to have? Mini cooper....red please.
Have a lava lamp? Nope
How many remote controls are in your house? two
Scary or funny movies? Funny, hands down
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Rootbeer or Dr. Pepper: root beer
Summer or winter: summer
Silver or Gold: Silver. or White Gold.
Diamond or pearl: Diamonds
Sprite or 7up: Sprite, definitely
Coffee or tea: Coffee
Phone or in person: in person....nothing compares.
Talk to someone you like? yes
Get sick? No
Talk to an ex? I dont have an ex.
Miss someone? Yes.
Slept in your bed? Me
Saw/heard you cry? Emma
Made you cry? Emma...hahaha...it wasnt really HER...she was just THERE when it happened.
Hugged you? Sam when I picked him up at the airport
You said "I love you" to? Emma when I dropped her off at the airport
Been in a fight with your pet? hahahaha...yes.
Been to Hawaii? no.
Been to Canada? No
Been to Mexico? no ( this is getting sad!)
Been to New York? yesssss....I want to go back.
Do you have a crush on someone right now? Yes absolutely. ;-)
What book are you reading now? Ella Minnow Pea
Want to get married? yes
Future kids names? yes, I'd definitely like my kids to have names....thanks for asking.
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? No
What's under your bed? dust
Favorite sports to watch? ice hockey...although I rarely have the chance to watch it.
Favorite Location? In the WORLD? Are you kidding?! I cant pick just ONE!
Tattoos or piercings? Ears
What are you most scared of right now? asking off work for next friday!
Who do you really hate? Denathor
Do you have a job? yes, I am a grown up. ;-)
Are you lonely right now? no, far from it...
Song that's stuck in your head right now? Move Along, All American Rejects....its been in my head for a WEEK.
Have you ever played strip poker? No.
Have you ever been on radio/TV. yes, both...famous, I know...
Have you ever been in a mosh-pit? yes, I thought I was going to pass out.
Ever liked someone, but thought they never noticed you? Yes.
Your Favorite Food? pizza
Ever get so drunk you don't remember? not that i remember
Are you too shy to ask someone out? No, but that is not a girls job!
HardHugs or Kisses? that hard hug thing sounds violent
Dogs or cats? cat
Favorite Flower? i like most flowers
Have you ever fired a gun? yes
How many pillows do you sleep with? four...I like to feel surrounded, its comforting
Do you think any of your ex's miss you? I dont have one

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