January 25, 2007

Power Pills

So, I'm extremely happy with my new medicine...although I think I'm going to use it a lot less frequently than what I was on previously ( I'll tell you why in a minute)...when I went to the pharmacy to pick them up, I was pleasantly surprised that 30 pills cost a grand total of SIX DOLLARS ( yay! finally that insurance paid off!!!)

These new pills are STRONG. I took one teeny tiny pill and within about ten minutes I started to feel drowsy...but I had already planned to walk to the gym, so I figured the brisk walk out in the beautiful weather would SURELY wake me up.
Well, it DID...
I went to the gym, worked out for 45 minutes ( longer than I usually do!) and then I sprinted home.
That's right.

I dont know WHAT happened but I started my run home and I just went faster and faster and I went farther and farther....before I knew it I was home.
Where I nearly blacked out.

So, yeah, these pills are awesome. I cant feel my legs.

I'm going to be in pain tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

so, is this medicine aka "speed"? Aunt Donnave

Abigail said...

hahaha....no...but if it was, I didnt know you could GET speed for six dollars!

Carmi said...

UGH! Aunt Donnove! How DARE You steal my comment right from under my nose! Since you have allready insinuated that Abbey is on Speed, I will have to come up with some sort of intelligent and witty comment AGAIN.

Let me say I loved the little girl on the Volvo ad...though I didnt realise you were so talkative when you were little.

I guess it makes sense.