January 26, 2007

..Fortunes are forever...

So, I got the lamest fortune cookie ever today:
"Cookies go stale. Fortunes are forever"

No good.

But, at the same time, my day has been pretty lame. I have sore throat and my butt is sore from the whole "running thing" yesterday. *sigh* I took a nap this afternoon in the hopes of overcoming all obstacles and feeling better. Unfortunately, the nap didnt stick.

It's too bad I'm feeling so 'without creativity' ( seriously, I gave up trying to work on my website three times...and I am suppose to write a few letters too..and THAT didnt happen either. *sigh*) because TODAY, my darling readers, is my darling boyfriend's darling birthday.
I know, and usually I get SOOOOO Excited about tribute posts!
You'll just have to bare with me when I say that the fact that it's Brett's birthday and he's waaaaay on the West Coast and I'm waaaaaay in the South is waaaaaay not cool...but it does mean that emails and phonecalls have really grown in approval ratings in the Abigail's Approval Annuals in the past few months.
So, since Brett turned 24 today, let's take this time to talk about him a little bit...

Brett is really the most fantastic person ever. And I pretty much cannot BELIEVE my good fortune that he paid even the tiniest bit of attention to me. In fact, I'm having a problem writing something that doesnt sound absolutely cheesy...all of those "he makes me want to be a better person" lines from bad romantic movies keep popping into my head! hahaha!
Nevertheless, I started to get to know Brett last year around this time and I was really blown away by his coolness. I mean, here was someone who was funny and liked to read good books-but also did really lame things like play ultimate frisbee and smoke pipes ( ok, fine, neither of those things are really lame at all...). Honestly, I was fascinated and I secretly looked forward to getting his emails and eventually his letters ( the REAL kind-that's right, it was just as romantic as it souns. haha)
I mean, Brett's emails were waaaay better than watching Prison Break season one ( which, as we all know, is wonderful)
But, just so you know, I stood firm in my pursuit of trying my very hardest to NOT get a really HUGE crush on this guy. Alas, my very best efforts were not good enough to compete with Brett's relationship with God (which continues to impress me on a daily basis) and his kindness and caring towards other people and his love for C.S Lewis and Tolkien ( yeah, I know, I'm a dork.) but the POINT was I'd found ANOTHER dork...someone who made being a dork seem waaaay cooler.
So my fight against the inevitible. It was hopeless.
And thankgoodness it was, because I've never met anyone who made me laugh this much, or think differently about things quite so well, or made my stomach do that flipfloppy thing so often.
With that in mind, I wish Brett a happy 24th year of life, he's made my life so much more colorful...


Anonymous said...

It's wonderful to see you so happy...bet that you make him happy, too! Aunt Donnave

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carmi said...

It's still so UNREAL to think you found your HHB...I guess also because I have never seen you guys together...well and also probably because I dont even HEAR about you going out on dates all the time.

I think one day it will hit me. OH MY GOODNESS ABBEY HAS A BOYFRIEND!