January 20, 2007


What I've done today:
1. QT in the morning after some funky-fied dreams last night...seriously people...If I dream about you I pray for you. ;-)

-Katie ( scifres)...I dont think she reads this blog but, I suspect that she left for the UK without saying goodbye. My subconscious is obviously guilty about this, thus my dream :-(
-Tim and Amber...ummm....yeah, this is very odd because I've never met these people ( they are brett's bro and sis-in-law). But, they HAVE been on my mind of late....so my subconscious incorporated fake versions of them for my dreams sake. good one, brain, good one.

2. I went to Wal Mart....when I pulled out onto North St. this car flies up from behind and honks at me ( ummm.sorry, dude, didnt realize you were wanting to speed...) then the car follows me to Wal Mart. Meh.

3. Shop in relative peace, although a bunch of hispanic dudes stare me down whilest on the cereal asle....meh. Boo. Is this a cultural thing?

4. Baked cake. Did laundry. Talked to Brett. ( I put all these together since I did them all pretty much at the same time, and none of them really took THAT long. )

5. Ate too much cake. Felt sick.

6. Was extremely lazy. Watched more Melrose Place ( which I'm started to be extremely bored by, but feel I must finish for the sake of closure. never say I lack follow through) hehehe.


quirky said...

that cake was delish. thanks for sharing. also my friend samuel would believe that it is a cultural thing. if that's true, it's only exacerbating the already resident problem - it's a guy thing. what a low race...

quirky said...

i mean the male race, not hispanics. oops.