January 29, 2007

who? what? when?

This morning when my alarm went off I was SOOOO sound asleep that it took a good five minutes for me to realize that I was, infact, a real person who needed to get herself out of bed...once I got to the bathroom I found that half my face had been transformed into this really massive red line...seriously, just HOW HARD was I pressed into my pillow to accomplish that?!

So, the end of the month is incredibly dangerous. For one thing, unless you flip your calendar early ( which is what I have to do)you dont really think about all the things for next week that you need to be working on...because, well, you can't even SEE next week...so it doesnt exist.

I have a Kiwanis Club presentation next week...I also have a newsletter to put out, a website to update, a golf tournament to plan...all sorts of things I havent ever done before that I need to pretend to know what I'm doing to pull off. Meeh. But, if there was a ever a time to practice my awesome-let's-not-stress-but-instead-rely-on-God skillz, this would be the time. So that's the plan. Feel free to keep me accountable to this! :-)

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