January 27, 2007

Sounds of Saturday...

warning* I doubt I'll be using complete sentences here...I just woke up from my nap...*

I'm currently lying in bed listening to the rain.....
it was absolutely PERFECT sleeping weather this afternoon.

Culling out my music is hard work...but I'm in the cold-hearted-deleting-mood. ;-) itunes is a wonderful thing.

Isnt it amazing that we are always moving forward? this morning I read my blog posts from Jan-Feb of 2006. It was so strange to think of those days-how much has CHANGED! Very little is the same as it was then...odd. But, its also extremely encouraging. Old struggles gone.
New struggles to take their place.
I wonder if its possible that I was a better blogger then? has my writing gone down hill? Let's not judge it by this post, anyway?

This afternoon I spent a little time with some really cool people-my bible study girls and their friends. They were hanging out at the park-not really park weather, unfortunately, but it was fun to see them all nonetheless...

I really need to go grocery shopping...I have, like, zero food in my apartment...its rediculous because I've eatten waaaay to much fastfood as a result. next week: I'm cooking.

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Evan said...

So I'm just a friend of your bible study girls now? :(. I was glad you were there, sorry I didn't talk to you more, but so much was going on, so many people to talk to. Today was fun too. You're cool. Hope you feel better. God Bless ya!