February 04, 2007

3 tramadol +3 aleve=finally. relief

So, sure...I didnt take those all at once, but over the course of about 8 hours. But, meh. Its been a bad day for the pain :-(

I am back in Nacogdoches after a really wonderful weekend in Houston, here are some highlights:

1. Conversation with Uncle Jim and Aunt Donnave. Always wonderful.
2. Hotel rooms with great pillows.
3. Getting lost with Anna, many, many times.
4. Not dying. Even though Anna doesnt "merge well" in traffic.
5. TLC "What not to wear"-three episodes in a row....
6. Central Market, humus, olives, cheese, scones
7.Cupcakes, chocolate, coffee
8. Swimming. Races that really took me back to when swimming was everything.
9. Brett's family. ( unfortunately, they also have the side affect of making me miss him EVEN MORE-if that's possible)
10. Overboard-Goldie Hawn's only good movie
11. Pizza at 10:30pm
12. "Anna summerizes Melrose Place"
13. Ryan's excitment over barbeque sauce and the six week count down ( can you believe it?! )


Anonymous said...

...because we didn't know, that's why!! guess he wanted to tell us in person.

Christa said...

Aww! it sounds like you and Anna had a great wekend! Oh and tell Anna taht I am in the same boat with her not being able to merge well with traffic. : ) it can be sooooooo frustrating.