February 05, 2007

people get married every day. apparently.

First of all, it should be noted that my cousin, Ryan, is engaged...this is exciting, but also totally mindblowing. ( I dont think he reads my blog, so I think I can say anything i want)...Of all my cousins, I have always had this special "mind connection" thing with Ryan-and the thought that he'd go get engaged (to the most adorable Maggie I've ever ever seen, by the way)...well, its just so cool. And YET, with that being said: I can remember Ryan and I, playing with legos, and all sorts of weird imagination games that only we could possible understand... Like it was yesterday...and a part of me thinks that we havent changed THAT much... So, I just feel kinda old all of a sudden.

It'll pass.

In fact, it already has... Because, I just looked at all the work-important-stuff I've got to do this week, and I feel "meh"...

Also, I am discouraged about the pain again. I mean, honestly now...I thought it was suppose to be getting better? Or something? Yesterday was NOT better.
But, Steve's sermon last night was really great...pain just reminds me that this is all temporary. That this body is not meant to last. Heaven is gonna rock. But, until then I'm going to try and live better.

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