February 08, 2007

back to the present.

So, the future is a dangerous place to be. I was just reading a dear friends blog and she went on a good old fashion tangent ( which I applaude, because I'm a personal fan of the tangent) about her future...and I just HAD to giggle to myself, because I had been through what she is going through now ( college! real world! grown up jobs!), and I can say with absolute certainty that she's going to get through it...and not only that, it'll be more fun than she can possibly imagine.....
At the same time, I havent grown up that much at all. I am very much in the same boat ( granted, just a tad farther down the river).

I had a good old fashion freak out myself today.

But, then it hit. I'm not ready or even prepared for the future, because duh I'm not THERE YET. God, wants me here and in the now...and that's totally something I can handle, because surprise, surprise He'll give me the tools to handle today. But, He hasnt given me tomorrow yet. And I need to be ok with that ( I'm secretly/not-so-secretly relieved), I need to not think about it so darn much, I need to not plan the future out so very very much, and I definitely need to NOT freak out about it.

Because it's going to be great. And the key word there is going...that's future tense if I'm not mistaken. ;-)
And right now, I am just happy to be here in the now.
Because now is really not half bad.

In other news, aren't you impressed with how many words I made italic in this post?! Talk about talking with emphasis!

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