February 09, 2007

Sweeeeet Friday.

Yessss....I couldnt be HAPPIER that its Friday! Honestly, long week. Nasty. I've got a seriously hardout headache happening at the moment too...which isnt making todays coldish and greyish weather any easier to take. But, its Friday...and the week will be over soon enough...

This weekend I've got some serious cleaning and orginizing to do. Which I'm excited about. Why?

Because KRISTY'S COMING TO VISIT!!!!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!

I haven't seen Kristy since December 2004 when we graduated from University together and began seriously one of the scariest journeys of our lives. We both returned to our "the home lands"...where we spent the next four to six months writing emails back and forth and having emergency breakdowns on the phone as we tried our hardest to find jobs, get friends and make a go of it in the "real world."

I'd have to say that here in February 2007 we've both officially made it. We're grown ups. And we make big girl decisions on a daily basis. A lot has changed in both our lives. And honestly, being reunited with this dear sister makes me feel like celebration is in order. We've come a long way since our last meeting...and yet, I feel sure we'll be able to drink coffee and eat chocolate together just like the good old days...because, the truth is: Some things NEVER change.


Anonymous said...

Yea for Kristy! So glad for the two of you to be together! Aunt Donnave

kristy said...

we're grown ups and make big girl decisions! ahh its scary but I"m sooo glad we've been able to go through them together despite the mass of land+water between! can't wait for a coffee date with you. so long over due!