February 06, 2007


Man! The weather has been so gorgeous the past two days! If I didnt know better I'd say that the weather is going to be good for the rest of the season.

But, I do know better.

However, I'm enjoying the sun. I just wish it was sunny in my office. It is SO crazy cold in here. Meh. I'm wearing my puffy coat INSIDE..and then I take it off to go OUTSIDE. That's just weird.

In other news as long as the weather stays this nice I'm going to be in totally awesome shape! I've been running every day that its been sunny. That's my new rule. Only do it when its sunny...otherwise what's the point? I mean, I'm not training for anything...I'm just running for the sake of running...therefore there should be SOME sort of joy to be gotten from it. And since I notsosecretly hate running...I'll do it for the weather.

I got ER season one in the mail today. I was so excited. Its such a delight to start at the very beginning of a show...hehehe.

So, I've decided I need a new camera...my pictures are coming out all foggy. And no matter WHAT setting, the picture comes out with something wrong with it. It makes me sad because I use to take such good pictures. Obviously my skills were lost somewhere between 2002 and 2007. ;-)

Did I tell you I'm speaking to the Kiwantis club on Thursday? Did I tell you that I'm oddly calm about it? And that the reason is probably some serious denial action? Did I also tell you that I dont like public speaking? Did I tell you that I dont really know what I'm going to say yet? And did I mention that I think waiting till the last minute is better for the overall affect, but that I'll probably die young because of the added stress that waiting to the last minute causes? And did I also mention that I've decided to just go ahead and die young...preferably before Thursday?


Anonymous said...

remember our talk about your dad and uncle jim and how they hate public speaking?? Yet, how well they do it...it's in the genes!! aunt donnave

Christa said...

NO! YOU CAN"T DIE! I couldn't survive without my Abby! And besides you and I have a coffee chatt tomorrow! ; )

Nam said...

No, Abbey, dying is a very bad idea!! Eventho the idea of dying while you are still young and beautiful might be tempting to some people.. but still.. bad idea.

Gosh.. you are saying "hello" to ER season 1 while I say "goodbye" now that I have a job. The Hallmark channel plays it at such a weird as hour.. 1 PM!! *sob sob*