February 15, 2007

pooooor meeeeee

A smallish complaint:

So, Poor Kristy's flight has been delayed until 11pm ( at least) because of the dreadful weather in NYC. Which means the earliest I'm getting to bed tonight is 2. And that's a POSITIVE outlook. meeeeh. Pray I can stay awake, wont you?

And to be honest, I'm really stressed about work at the moment. I feel very very much over my head with this fundraiser golf tournament. I do NOT like asking for money ( for sponsorships) . But, yeah, I have to. And I havent YET. And it's hanging over my head like a really really nasty something or another. :-( Sometimes working for a nonprofit orginization isnt cool.

But, you know what is good? The cake that I got from Brett for valentine's day...ohmygoodness....we all know how much I love cake....but I'm thinking even someone who DOESNT love cake would dig this one. We're talking chocolate goodness beyond belief.
Yup, I have the bestest boyfriend ever.

I think I'm going to splurge and go to the video store and rent a movie....I mean, I might as well...I've got hours and hours before I have to leave for houston. Poor Kristy. Stuck in the airport.

I think we could both use some prayer tonight.

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