February 22, 2007

Season Three: The Life and Times

So, I'm feeling slightly nostalgic . Mostly because I realized that the very last of my close friends were graduating from university. We're talking the friends I made in my LAST year of college...so, yes, there is basically no one left to connect me with the cool kids of college....or wait...lets make that the cool cids of college. Yes, much better, who needs correct spelling when there is alliteration to be had?
Annnyway, add that to hearing a song that I hadnt heard since The Year of The Valley ( cerca 2005) that nearly sent me to crying yesterday...and you've got yourself some good old fashion "I'm sooo glad its 2007" action.

To be honest the future scares me like there's no tomorrow ( ironic word choice there, Abigail)...and yet, I can look back to a time when the future was equally scary ( as in: TOTALLY UNKNOWN) and think, yes, the Lord was very faithful. I'm totally doing an Ebenezer action on today ( check out the reference here)...because, I'm currently praying for a lot of overwhelmed people at the moment. I dont know how I get a prayer list of "common problems"...but I am encouraged to know that so many of us struggle with this overwhelmed with life feeling...I also do not think it is by sheer coincidence that I would hear of so many who need prayers in this department.
I really look forward to telling the stories of February 2007 as an example of how the Lord provided..the Lord helped...the Lord blessed...the Lord gave abundantly...

Your stories my dearest friends inspire me, your very lives bless me for He is mirrored in your very days.


carmi said...

I think you should have made it "kool kids" because cids sounds like "sids"...like in circle.

Glad to be of assistance.

Abigail said...

But then it would have had to be kool kids in kollege...which is just weird. thanks anyway...hehe

Paul James said...

children starts with a "C" but then again so does communists... and chocolate... the chocolate communist children... where was I going with this?

Christa said...

Awww! Im sorry that you had a rough day. Thursday must have been the day for rough days! I missed not being able to have coffee with you on Wedenesday. I ended up having a huge headache all day that day! Meh! :(