February 23, 2007

rules to live by.

I have these three inch heels that for some reason I keep insisting on wearing to work. Every time I wear them I resolve that they are NOT WORTH IT and that I will throw them away as soon as I get home ( they are waaay uncomfortable)...and then, without fail, some girlie-girl will walk past me in the store, or in the hall, or when I'm waiting for my coffee and they'll say, "awww...cute shoes!"

So, I always keep them. But, let me just tell you-if I EVER wear these shoes and go the WHOLE DAY without getting a single compliment I am THROWING THESE THINGS AWAY.

That's a warning to the shoes. ;-)

Wow. How vain am I?!

-It has come to my attention that I work much, much better in the afternoon. I end up wasting my whole morning and then having to stay late. But, to be honest, I'd rather have it this way...but, once again, I am NOT a morning person.

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