March 01, 2007

a matter of conviction

Lately I have been troubled by how very much I care about other people's opinions....specifically my friends. Of course, in a lot of ways it is GOOD that I care what they think. I have been blessed with wonderful, Godly friends...who's opinions I respect highly...

But, sometimes, God calls you down a lonelier road, where you cannot exactly explain your reasoning in "human terms"...and, well, that's a hard pill to swollow...but I liked this which I read in Streams in the Desert, tonight:

He creates situations that human judgment, even if consulted, would never allow. Yet the cloudiness of the circumstance itself is used by Him to guide us to the other side. Perhaps this is where you find yourself even now.
Your situation is filled with uncertainty and is very serious but it is perfectly right. The reason behind it will more than justifuy Him who brought you here, for it is a platform from which God will display His almighty grace and power...


Anonymous said...

No contest. :)

Just as you want me to be happy, I want that for you too (I would say that all your friends want that for you). If you feel like that dismembered shoes wandering through the grass, and if you are sure you are doing God's will, then you have nothing to worry about.

And about listening to other people—Yup. Even the best of friends don’t substitute for the messages you get straight from God, but He also gives us people wisdom.

AND, I am surprised that no one ever commented on my comment about Britney Spears. Come on! So insightful.


carmi said...

Bestest post EVAR