March 02, 2007

Check it!!

ONE WEEK from today! I see Brett!!! How excited am I?!

Of course, before then I have all sorts of 'real world' stuff to accomplish...mostly overcoming fears at work etc. etc.

My Yahoo! email address is, for serious, acting up...I started getting emails from three days ago yesterday...what's up with that?! This really ticks me off-considering I make it a matter of pride to check my emails more than any other person in the world...what's the point of checking if I cant COUNT ON THE INTERNET TO DELIVER?!
So, anyway, if you've emailed me in the last week and you feel like you've deserved a reply and it hasnt come...than send some gmail lovin my way and I'll be ALL OVER IT. ( stupid yahoo).

Oh, and here are my clarifications for the week:
In this episode of my life I made fun of me being invited to join Rotary...I also made fun of their food. I would like to clarify that it is a widely known FACT that Tuesday Rotary has waaaay worse food than Wednesday Rotary ( who knows why)...and I was mostly making fun of MYSELF rather than of the lovely Rotary gentlemen. I've been several times to both rotarys and I totally enjoyed talking to all those I came in contact with...I guess I just doubt how much they'd like to hang out with ME.

And then here I forgot to mention that as much as it does trouble me to not agree with my friends all the time...I am also oddly peaceful about it...which is why Streams in the Desert was so nice to read. :-)

Okie I'm going to try and have productive/happy Friday :-)
This week went by remarkable fast...

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