March 30, 2007

Rain rain dont go away...

SOOOooOooo....God ANSWERED my pleas for rain...or better yet, He gave me a "rainy forcast" and my golf tournament chairperson CANCELLED the tournament ( this came on the heels of two teams dropping out yeah...) and now I just have to go in the morning to tie up loose ends! YAY!

I am still praying for the rain to actually COME...this way we might not have to pay out of our noses for a tournament that we arent even having :-(

But, nonetheless, God is SOOO GOOOOD TO MEEEEEE!!!!

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Christa said...

I MISS you! It feels like it has been forever since I have seen you! I really missed not being able to have coffee with you on Wedenesday. During class at the time when I would have been with you I was thinking about missing it but I decided that I had better pay attention to the lecture insted of dwelling on it. Call me sometime ! ; )