April 01, 2007

Army's 100% healthy insurance.

Brett is having "his eyes done" tomorrow....I can't recall the exact name for it ( another blasted acronym), but its all the rage these days and basically he'll come out with 20/20 vision or something equally good (?!)...This is, of course, ironic since I've always been a not-so-secret fan of glasses in general and now Brett will be glasses free forever...or until he turns 40 and needs reading glasses *sigh*
But, I love irony... so I dont think our relationship will suffer in the least now that Brett will be able to see without visual aid ( haha)...unless of course, he'll be able to see my many many flaws more clearly...that could be a problem.

Nevertheless, I do ask for your prayers for Brett's surgery...I have heard that this particular eye surgery can be pretty uncomfortable and no fun for a few days afterwards. So, I know Brett would appreciate your prayers... and I, being the worried fiancée, am also a tad worried that he'll be blinded by some retarded army doctor. So, if you think of it....pray for him. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

dear Abbey, i had laser eye surgery over summer as well. it IS uncomfortable for abit afterwards, and i had putrid smelling hair because i wasnt allowed to wash it for 3 days. but the surgery itself was pretty straightforward, even a little fun.
needless to say it is totally worth it. perfect eyesight is seriously one of the best gifts ever.

i will be praying though that all goes way better than smoothly!!

have a great day!

Anonymous said...

just read this post...so all my prayers are postoperative, but since God operates outside of time, it doesn't matter! Wow! How wonderful of Him to think of this particular quality. Aunt Donnave