March 07, 2007

This Episode is brought to you by...


Because I have the best sister ever.

Honestly, I wouldnt have gotten through Monday or Tuesday without Anna. Yes, work had truly overcome my little mind and I was SO beyond stressed that I was almost frozen by fear.
And all I can say is that my sister pushed me to do my work, step by step, making inappropriate jokes at all the right times to make me laugh, and coming up with suggestions when the impracticality of my task at hand seemed to swollow me whole.
Yes, when I wrote in my journal on Monday night that I needed God to send me HELP.
He totally answered. He sent me my very own sister.
Isnt that wonderful?
God answers prayers in beautiful ways.

So, anyway, I still have about $1,000 to raise in the next two days...but I'm feeling waaaaay better ( although prayers are still coveted) ...I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and the light looks strangely like Brett....and a week in Washington.


Anonymous said...

I'll miss you next week. But go and have a fantasticaly wonderful time!!!!

Christa said...

Stupid computer. Didn't put my name!

Nam said...

His help always come at the right time, and sometimes in the least expected way. Have a nice day, Abbey!

Anonymous said...

Wow Abby CONGRATULTIONS!! i'm so excited for you!! (i'm a bit slow to find htese things out) Carmi told me!!
*HUGS!! You are getting MARRRIEDDD!!!!!!
God bless you and Brett!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You're right, Anna is a great soul!