March 05, 2007

fall out

So, yeah, wow. That was a crazy weekend wasnt it? ;-)

Apparently my job did not, however, get the memo that I have "bigger fish to fry" with the whole turn-life-upside-down-change-everything-and-decide-to-get-married business and therefore I have been actually WORKING today...even though it is BEYOND cold in my office. I mean, seriously..hands. frozen.

Now, my darling, supportive friend Amy was kind enough to use sarcasm in her congratulations ( which, P.S. apparently you are suppose to give the girl "best wishes" but I will totally overlook that since I didnt know that until yesterday). And mention that she will only "Skim" wedding planning.

That made me very warm and fuzzy on the inside. Only really good friends are brutally honest in hallmark moments. ;-)

So, Amy can go ahead and skim this next section:

About two and a half hours after being proposed to I was being bombarded with all sorts of important questions like WHEN are we getting married WHERE are we getting married....
Oh. My. Word.
I hadnt thought of that.

I know that girls out in the world think about these things...and they also have a relatively good idea that they are going to be proposed to, and therefore they probably, secretly have a whole bunch of ideas to spill once the proposal happens...but I am SERIOUS when I say that I wasnt really prepared.
;-) All I knew was that I loved Brett and I wanted to be his wife...that's ALL that I knew...

So, when marriage dates in early July are being thrown around...I'm just trying incredibly hard not to hyperventilate.

Yup, I'm about to totally change my life in every possible way. Get ready, there is totally going to be some fall out.


Hung said...

I'm just going to state the obvious and say that you shouldn't feel rushed and that you and Brett need to pick a date with which you are both comfortable. Whether it's next week or next year, it should be up to you two and only you two.

*Uncle Hung Mode is now off*

Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

Good grief, I will be skimming the fallout for sure! (Supportive, I know. ;) It's so much better to talk about such things than read about it.)

I do want to know when and where (and what to wear) since I will be a part, but I'm just saying--Blogs about color choices are not my thing.

But this is YOUR blog, and it's YOUR day (Brett is also aware that it's about you, right? ;), so I have no room to talk.


Nam said...

Congratulations, Abbey!! I am actually at the office when I read your blog (a day late).. and I literally went "OH MY GOD! ABBEY IS GETTING MARRIED".. and receiving weird looks from my colleagues as a result.

Wow.. Abbey.. just W-O-W. Congratulations, babe, Brett is one lucky man.

Sam said...

*Splutter* Early JULY! I so cannot afford that! Well, okay, I could, but that's two trips to America in 6 months. C'mon, not fair. :-)

By the way, I see that Brett hasn't blogged recently... I wonder if his sitemeter count has skyrocketed like yours... (note to self - announce engagement on blog).

And CURSES, I WISH I had kept that Flying Ribenas prediction list, so I could see where you stood on the 'getting married' votes... Of course, Sosij won, and someone else could technically get married before you, but hey...

Lyds said...

Well as far as predictions go reality was way off for Abbey, Penny, and I - well according to that silly quiz anyway. I think those results would have had us all married by now! Remember that Abbey?

David said...

A belated Stoked for you CONGRATULATIONS! And I agree with everyone else that Brett's a lucky guy!

kristy said...

i love this "All I knew was that I loved Brett and I wanted to be his wife...that's ALL that I knew..." that's whats most important aye? not to mention the dress, the church, the invites, cocktail party, rings, wahhh...!!! will have to get back to you as it'll be trip no.3 in 6mths to the north america! it is the year!
much love
- kristy