March 27, 2007

"welcome to the top five"

So, I dont remember if I've mentioned this on my blog, and I'm too lazy to do a google check to find forgive me if I'm repeating myself...but:

Stranger Than Fiction has just moved into a place in my top ten favorite movies fact, I havent made an official list yet, but I'd say its in the top five.

I bought it once it came out on DVD a few weeks back and since then I've been watching it every chance I get ( when I'm not loaning it out to people).

I mean, its just such a happy movie...and I am such a sucker for things that are well written and have clever puns like "a dozen flours"...or even cheesier literary lines like, "Dramatic Irony, it gets you every time."

Seriously...I love Will Ferrell. Ever since he graced me with one of my other top movies of all time, Zoolander, I have been delighted with his quirkiness...and in this movie he's just so nice and come on, Emma Thompson is fabulous...and that girl that is the sister to that guy who's gone from October Sky all the way to Brokeback Mountain...what's her name? What's his name?
Anyway...she was great too.

So yes. If you havent seen this fantastic movie yet, go rent it. It'll be different from all those "deep thinking/change the world/ultra violent/oversexed/horror" movies...but I think you'll like it.
It's happy. And I dont think we get enough happy now days.


Esther said...

So here goes - hopefully the computer will actually take my comment this time!
I love you so much, we all do, and now your life will be even more "global". Meaning long distance friends in more places.
Now you'll have "New Zealand friends", "East Texas friends" and, I'm sure, plenty of "Washington friends".
What a popular girl!

p.s. We should watch Stranger Than Fiction sometime - I've been wanting to see it.

Becs said...

I REALLY appreciate agood movie recmmendation, because I ALWAYS go to the DVD shop and come away with utter rubbish. This post could have saved an entire evening for me. Ta muchly!