March 27, 2007

and then there was morning

Night sweats.
Yeah, sure maybe you didnt want to hear that this early in the morning. But, that's just toooo bad, because that's what last night consisted for me...I'd wake up freezing cold...and then I'd wake up burning up...then I'd get cold from the sweat...and around we'd go.

Yeah good story, I know.

Buuut, at the same time I think the 4pm-8am "in bed time" really did help my cold. At least I'm feeling less sorry for myself this morning, and I haven't cried today ( and its 9:30! Woo!)...

I was really convicted last night about staying on top of the things that are really important to me. You know, ETERNAL things....I mean, all this stuff about the wedding... I cant help but care about it, and all the million and one things that I need to do before is important too. BUT, last night I was lying in bed feeling dreadful and cancelling my Bible Study via text message..and as I was texting my girls back and forth-I was thinking how much I just love them and what dear dear friends they have become to me...and I know that ultimately, I will try and drop everything for those girls. Because, my time with them is not yet up. And I also know that long distance friendships CAN actually work ( four of my five bridesmaids live thousands of miles from me)...and I feel like, of all the wonderful gifts God has given me the relationships with others that He has blessed me with, are absolutely the most wonderful.
I now just pray that I will be appreciative of the gifts He has given, and I will be faithful to cultivate them as I should.

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