April 04, 2007

the dead blog scrolls

So, I sent a blog post to a friend instead of posting it here....she in turn wrote her own post about the same topic.

I don't think I will publish mine. It was more for myself than anything. I cried while I wrote it. I cried for those that I wrote about.
I cried because my words meant nothing, it didnt matter what I said, it didnt matter what I did. Nothing I can do can change the heart of man...

So, how is it that I still have hope? How is it that I still cry about it? That I still pray for these dear friends?

'Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says the LORD Almighty.

Oh yes, the day will come...

So, Lord help me to pray.


carmi said...

Yes...there aren't really any words. Just the feeling it leaves in you that won't go away.

esther said...

I'm completely with you on that one Abigail - the day WILL come. That is why the chapter I read last night has always blessed me.

It's funny though, before last night I had always looked at it as giving hope for the salvation of unbelievers (esp. my cousin Cody, you know).
But then, last night I realised it speaks just as powerfully about the revival and return of the fallen.

"Therefore the Redeemed of the Lord shall RETURN."

esther again said...

Oh, it's Isaiah 35, incase you were wondering ;)

Kali Shanti said...

thanks for your comment, dear. i just hate to be a burdamn on others, but i guess sometimes it's necessary.

in resopnse to your post, there are several of my dearest friends/family that i am hoping for a return or first time discovery of the lord... hope is what we have to cling to.

Anonymous said...

oh, Abbey, it does hurt...but, we know that Jesus said that He never loses the ones who are His, not even one. I love you. Aunt Donnave

Anonymous said...

I started writing a comment on this post, but then it got so long that I thought it should really be a blog post. So for the response of one of those for whom the tears were shed see David's blog.

David Pom