April 04, 2007

red dirt

So, I'm currently packing, well, not RIGHT NOW because I'm BLOGGING right now...but you get the idea.
Anyway, off to Washington to see my beloved. Yay! It's probably not responsible to be going away this weekend, when most things that need to be done are HERE not THERE.
But, I tell myself that every moment with Brett is a better moment. So there's that.

Tonight I went to Cushing, Texas ( Population 631) and had dinner with Dr. G and Brendan. It was quaint. And very "deep east texas" ...and as we were driving down back country roads, where cows, wild flowers, and trailerhouses all live together in harmony...and I looked out the window and thought, " I love this place."
I love those little houses way out in the country and I wonder about the people that choose to live there, way far away from the Big World...
But, I believe that while there are little tiny churches that have 7-10 cars parked outside for the Wednesday night service...I will love this Country. And I will have hope for it.

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Paul James said...

ahhh Cushing. Never a destination but always on my way to somewhere :-)