April 25, 2007


So, just to catch you up: If you didnt read yesterday's post I am currently doing a challenge with my Bible Study girls. And as part of the challenge I must list two things that I'm grateful for about my life.
Yesterday it was:
1. Fabulous friends who have broadened my horizons.
2. The adorable old people that I get to talk to because of my job.

Today it is:
1. My apartment: Specifically how fantastic it has been sleeping with the windows open this week...and the hardcore rain storm at 5am this morning made for the most fabulous sleep EVER. I have truly loved living in my apartment this year, and I SOOO wish I had someone to move into it when I leave! I'd hate for a perfect STRANGER to benefit from my upcoming nuptials. ;-)

2. I haven't decided yet...


In other news, I'm going home to eat my curry leftovers. YUM!!


quirky said...

that picture of your parent's and steve and billie is freaking awesome. :-P

quirky said...