April 26, 2007

"Irony Day"

So, today was a "Bad Weather Day" Holiday at the high school...which meant I got the day off! SWEEEEEET!!!

Question: Who has the best job in the world?
Answer: Abigail

Anyway, ironically today was possibly the most gorgeous day eeeeeever. I mean, seriously, spring...rock on.

Things I did on "Bad Weather Thursday"

-I woke up at a decent hour ( 9:45) because I was have a horror film dream complete with crazed stalker who runs through fields next to train tracks ( whatever) killing people with shovels. meeeeh. I woke up wondering where the HECK my brain came up with that! Meeeh.

-I then spent the next few hours addressing wedding invitations. FYI I have completed ALL of my invitations...as in all of MY SIDE of the invitations. I rock. And if you recieve an invitation from me, dont comment on the handwriting...I was watching the 8th season of friends at the same time...what do you expect from me?!
So, now all I have to do is wait for the Brett's-side and we'll have a wedding invited to! Woo.

-So, after addressing till my little left hand was about to wilt...I went for a run....one mile running...and another mile walking wanting to cry because of a HARDCORE stitch in my side. Meh. I'm a whimp! But, hey, I give myself major props for passing up those two eighty year old women who were walking hardout. yup.

-I went to " Thursday Sandwiches with Papa"-which was extra fun because Mom was there too...Anna also modeled her bridesmaids dress and she is TOTALLY HOT in it. I mean, seriously, the Abt Sisters are gonna rock this wedding...Sorry, boys, but these girls are married.... But our husbands are Luuuuuuucky. ;-)

-After lunch mom and I scrounged up a few more addresses for me, and then we watched Lost ( because we'd worked so hard we needed a break)...

-Did I mention that today was gorgeous and sunny? Because it was...and I think I have a few more freckles on my nose to prove it. hehe.

-Had a Girls Night with Anna and Katie ( because we're all sisters...) and we had ALL the girlsnightingredients:
Junk food. Check. Taco Bueno
Girlie movie. Check. John Tucker Must Die.
Lots of laughter. Check. heeeellllloooo it was anna and katie and I...we're funny.
More junk food. Check. Now and Laters ( I'm really going through a phase with this particular candy).
Secrets. Check. Little did Katie know but Thomas was waiting for her when she got home tonight...he's been out of town for a week and he called to say he'd be surprising her and he needed us to keep her out of the house. Anna and I are ALL about helping these kinds of things. ;-)

-I've had a migrane hanging out in the wings of my head for three days now. I've had enough. GO AWAY.


Stacey said...

That sounds like a FABULOUS girls night! I'm totally jealous! I used to be Anna's girls night buddy!

Brett said...

You make it sounds as though I have not provided you with
ANY addresses... =P