April 22, 2007

home again.

So, I'm home again. I did end up going out of town with Brendan in tow. I've got the best friends and family and quasi-family a girl could ask for...

Now I am home...with a box of wedding invitations sitting in the center of my bedroom floor.

And after 4 hours and 45 minutes of talking, Brett is sufficiently caught up on my weekend ( and I his) and I think we can all sleep well tonight. ;-)

good night.


Brett said...

That was some well spent time. Not a minute wasted or passed in vain.

Em said...

man, i tune out after you've talked for 11 minutes...can't imagine almost 5 HOURS worth!!!

just kidding.
i tune out after 13 minutes.

Anonymous said...

and, i do not think that i gave your wekking or your invitations all the attention that they deserve!!
I do love the dresses AND the invitations AND, even Brett...if we ever get to meet him. ;-) Aunt Donnave

Anonymous said...

hahahahah!!! wekking!!! i am nuts or it was too much Runy Babbit!! Me