April 24, 2007

viva le difference!

So, last night at bible study my girlies and I had a "shifting of priorities" session-where we listed all the things that we do in a day, and then we went back through and took out all the things that are part of our "choices" section of the day ( i.e. things that we do during "free" time, such as talking on the telephone, watching TV, checking blogs etc.) and then we made some NEW choices. Each one of us set goals for ourself in the coming week. For instance, I am going to make a special note to spend at LEAST an hour in Bible Study this week...it seems that I've drifted into this really nasty "short but sweet" zone, and this week I'm getting out of it! And I will be spending at MOST an hour on the internet during my evening hours ( always my struggle, aye?! )
Basically, we've shifted our free time to fit a Life we strive to live..

I'm excited about our plans, and the decisions the other girls made about there lives...at the very least its good to look at the way we live and see just exactly what we're doing. We say we live a Christian life style, but are we REALLY?? If someone came in and shadowed me for a day would that know that I had a relationship with Jesus other than the fact that I don't live immorally? I mean, a LOT of nonbelievers live in a Moral lives...so what's the difference?

So, this week we're striving to live the Difference.

On an added note, we also set some other fun challenges for each other this week: For instance I have to come up with TWO things EACH day that I am truly grateful for about my life.

Today, I already have one ( and its only 9:32) !

1. I am grateful for friend's like Melanie Tan who has an eye for beauty and shares that Beauty through pictures. How else would I learn to love places like Singapore without ever having been there? God has blessed me with friends who quite literally share the World with me. I am truly thankful.

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