April 12, 2007

Just say anything...

I've been trying to blog all morning. But, I kept trying to make it actually SUBSTANTIAL or something...
Which is just silly, we all know this blog is mostly me giving you moment by moment updates on my mental state ( which is, as we have all noted a thousand times, a bit on the rollercoaster side of late) and to tell you how hungry I am.

I am. I'm hungry right now. What I would do for some pizza. Or some cake.

Anyway, I'm going to push on through and just forget about being poetical at this point. Because, the truth is, I need to post something because I need to push that post with the picture further down on my page because its doing something totally wacky with the layout. Boo.

So, I'm doing much much better today-and yesterday too for that matter. Yesterday was the mostly lovely weather ever. It was the kind of-high in the mid 80s, sunny-weather that tricks you into thinking that Texas is a fabulous place to live in the summer. HAHAHAHA! WRONG! It was also a nice day because I went wedding cake shopping with Mary ( Brett's mommy!), I think we were both disappointed that, unlike in the movies, they do not in fact bring out a whole bunch of cakes for you to taste.
( seriously! have you noticed that? that in movies people are always tasting cakes? And in reality I have never ever heard of that happening! Its just MEAN. ) Because, the cake lady was uber talented and her store smelled so incredibly good it was just MEAN that she didnt offer us a cookie. ;-) hehehe. But, it was fun...and I'm half way to making a decision on cakes, which is much better than I was the day before yesterday. And besides, it was fun to talk to Mary, people talk about mother-in-laws being horrible and everything. But, I totally lucked out. I mean, totally. She's just lovely!! I can't wait for you guys to meet her ( if you already havent). But, I was sitting in her office while she was on the phone looking at all her pictures of her boys and family etc. and it made me miss Brett something terrible. Meh.
three months seems like forever.

Of course, then when I think of all that needs to be done in three months, I think...wait. No, its not forever, its only 90 something days! AAAAAAAHHHH!

Alright, I'm going to try and do some work before lunch. I'm having "Sandwiches with Papa" today, since its Thursday...which I guess means I wont have pizza or cake. That's ok. good company beats pizza/cake any day.


Christa said...

Hmm.... maybe you could have pizza and or cake for supper?

Anonymous said...

yay! for visits with papa and anna! Aunt Donnave