April 12, 2007

I'm a fan.

I loooove bloggers. I really do, I mean, I may have only met you that ONE TIME...or I may have only spent the weekend with you...or I may have NEVER met you. But, I love you because I get to read your thoughts and look at your pictures.
Blogs make me happy.

Incidently, I've made some additions to my "I read..." list.
And hey, if you have a blog and you don't think I know about it. Tell me about it! I love adding to my family!

( because, I cant tell you how totally cool it is when I see people that I know "talking" ( aka. commenting on posts) to other people I know-because they "met" here.)

1 comment:

denny said...

only if i can use a name that might be similar to yours...and might be close to represent you in mine