April 13, 2007

production value

So, one of my major tasks before I depart from my job is to make a detailed job discription/ procedures manual.

The job description will be helpful to my bosses in deciding if they want to move my job to part time, if that's even possible ( ha!)...
and the procedures will be helpful to whomever comes after me to know how to DO all the stuff I do.

Am I a total dork that I find it incredibly fun and satisfying to write out step by step how to do things?

I guess in a lot of ways I think back to when I started this job...do you remember me crying? And do you remember me saying possibly not-so-nice things about the person who did my job before me? Yeah, me too. I remember it so well, in fact, that my greatest desire is to make it as EASY as possible for the person that comes after me. I mean, its bad enough that the NHSAA is loosing another employee after just one year...that's two employees in two years....believe me there is a learning curve to any job and I feel like they are loosing that particular part of having staff. Hopefully my indepth steps will help the learning curve a tad. ;-)

Of course, the major question here is should I include in the proceedures "watch this week's episode of Lost on abc.com"?? Yeah, I know..its a tough call, but this might be one of those times where I'll leave it up to the discretion of the employee.

Other thoughts, that don't have a place in this blog:

-It looks like its going to rain...this could seriously interfer with my "I'm going to run for miles" plan. Ah well, I wasnt that attached to the plan anyway.

-I bought little boy's basketball shorts because there is NO WAY I'm going to wear the teeny tiny shorts that girls are apparently suppose to wear to work out in...I mean, seriously, the selection of girl's workout shorts stinks. Apparently I'm suppose to run in my UNDERWEAR ( that's what they look like)and I dont hate anyone in the world enough to subject the streets of Nacogdoches with that kinda scene.

-I watched The Holiday last night. Major Chick flick. I'm getting in as many as I can in the next three months. hahaha!

-I'm planning to go shopping with Christa today, I've missed my bonding time with my Bible Study girls lately. Meh. Life is just so crazy-busy. I dont like it.


Justin said...

that’s a cool thing to do. It will definitely help the next person, plus it must feel cool to be leaving a bit of a legacy!

Penny said...

so this does not relate to your post at all but the wedding website is really cool. Nice to know what is happening...3 mths today...yay

Christa said...

It was fun shopping with you. I'm glad we could do it!