April 10, 2007

um. yeah.

So, I'm fighting a major stress out at the moment. It seems to come in waves. I seriously told people JUST YESTERDAY that I wasn't worried much at all about the wedding. that things seemed to be working out great.
And then today, its like...yeah, but:
do you HAVE all the invitations lists? No.
Do you have information to give the cake lady tomorrow? No.
Do you really know what to do about the bridesmaids dresses? No.
Do you have an idea about music besides that one song you wanted? no.
Did you finalize the programmes? No.
Have you figured out a place to get tuxes? Do you even have ANY of the boys measurements? No. No.

Oh...and there is more...believe me. There is more. I think my biggest problem is I just hate that its all up to me. I mean, I WISH I could blame someone for this, or give some of my jobs to someone else. But ultimately I'm the only one. I'm the bride. Or something. Blah.

Ok, I feel a bit better.

In other news, I had a fantastic time talking to Louise on the phone last night until 1:30am. Yeah, it was great, because i was still very much on West Coast time and wasnt even the least bit tired...until I woke up this morning and wanted to shove my head into a pillow permenently. But whatever, it was great talking to Lou. I have the best friends ever.


Paul James said...

I guess this is what they mean by a marriage is going to be hard work.

When did this whole wedding thing get turned around anyway? Every time the Bible talks about weddings it's all about the Bridegroom not the bride... hey, don't hate, I'm just talking about the Bible ;-)

Em said...

ohhh!!! i miss Louise =(