April 09, 2007

A very long engagment.

OK, so no. its not a very long engagment. But when I left washington this morning and realized that quite possibly I wasn't going to see Brett until the end of MAY. I consequently got annoyed at the three months that stand between us and being together ALL THE TIME.

But, anyway, that's not what I started out blogging about...
I had a really lovely weekend in Washington-even though I totally missed the freak Easter Snow of 2007 here in Nacogdoches Texas ( check out my Papa's blog for pictures!!! you wont believe it till you see it!!)

Yet, my weekend was filled with quality goodness-such as just plain sitting around with Brett...I mean, seriously, nothing better than sitting in a coffee house for...hours....with a total hottie sitting across from you. ( turns out I really don't miss Brett's glasses at all. They were apparently NOT what made him hot. haha)...or watching Firefly and Stargate ( yes, go ahead, we're nerdy what are you going to do about it?) ...or just doing normal every day things with Brett in toe.

Brett and I were also productive in the sense that we worked on our website ( I'll come back to this...) and we also decided where we're going to live-and just so you nosey people will know...brett and i will be living in the apartment complex that he currently lives in...only we'll be in a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment instead. This makes me happy for several reasons. First, Brett has really enjoyed getting to know a couple, Mike and Katie Wright, who also live in this complex....and i look forward to having good friends near by as well. I am also happy because I always like the possibility of having room where people can feel comfortable to hang out and stay a while. I think this apartment will do the job nicely. :-)
( so come visit us, why dont you?)....

I was also very social this weekend as well, since I met a great deal of the people that Brett spends time with-whether through work or at Bible study type things...

The Army people: So, Brett and I had dinner with a couple of other lieutenants ( two couples and two single guys...plus random next door neighbors...). This of course was really good because I'm pretty sure Brett had mentioned me to these people enough that they were seriously starting to wonder if I actually EXISTED. So we proved at least one thing to them....hehe. I was also interested to see a non-christian military perspective....in a lot of ways I was surprised by my first experience and in other ways...I wasnt surprised at all.
But, anyway, I'll hold off on my thoughts until I've had a little bit more time with these people. I will say that I liked them and I can only hope that Brett and I can be some Light to them- and that I will keep my more controversal views about politics and World Views to myself...hehehe...

The Bible Study/Church people: So I got to go to Chapel, and then after that we had a very large lunch at the Drake's house ( the Navigator missionary couple that I stayed with a few nights this trip and last time I visited)....Ok, so one thing I'd like to say here, boys greatly out number girls. Obviously. And in a lot of ways I'm not use to that. And I don't always know what I should or shouldn't say. What I usually do is try to be clever. Which may more may not result in me putting my foot in my mouth. But, ultimatley, I feel out of my league in most of the social situations I've been in so far.
Which, is a good thing. I guess. You know, more room to learn, more room for God to say something rather than me say something...but yeah, this is going to be interesting. I just want people to like me. I dont know if that's a good or a bad thing.

The Friends people: Not to say that the other people arent friends-but I also got to hang out with Mike and Katie a little bit more, which was fun, and I look forward to really getting to know them better. And then also, Denny ( one of brett's college roommates) was in town...and he's totally fun to hang out with. I suppose I put these people in a different category, because I didnt feel like I had to "work hard" around them, necessarily, and I appreciated them for their friendliness-not just to me, but to the people I saw them intereacting with over the weekend. I am forever finding people in social situations that I wish I could be a little bit more like them....I think its a good thing, hopefully, something good will rub off on me and in the mean time it'll be fun to hang out with them!

Ok! so, Brett and I DID work on our "wedding website" this weekend, and I'll go ahead and give you the address as long as you promise to come back and look at it again in the future. We're not finished with the "our story" section, or with the "wedding party" section...and there are going to be a few more pictures and events and other such tidbits coming too. So, try not to hold the "roughness" against us just yet! Thus The Wedding Site


Anonymous said...

I love the website :) Louise

Anonymous said...

Nice website; I didn't feel embarrassed at all! Except maybe for the fact that my face is very round in that picture. But, in the spirit of Women's Studies, I say the roundness of my face does not matter! However, I am letting my hair grow, and my face will not look so round in July.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I was thinking "red," and you, of course, delivered! haha. It would be crazy if the walls of your apartment were painted pink. I'm just saying.

-me again

Lyds said...

It's funny what is included and left out when you have to write short bio's about your friends. I especially like that the groomsmen have only photos...Is Brett a man of few words? ;)

Anonymous said...

BTW, I am compelled to tell everyone that my degree is not in Women's Studies. I am getting a certificate along with my degree. I do not want to mislead anyone, and I feel this is important! (ha)

However, please take time to realize and admire the parallelism Abigail constructed in my bio: books=lit. studies; barbies=women's studies. I enjoy such sneaky parallelism, and I think this may be a reason Abigail and I are still friends. ;)