May 11, 2007

Cry me a river...oh, and pictures.

So, I've written...five of my 30 "cry me a river" letters as I like to call them. Basically, I'm writing INDVIDUAL letter's to each of the scholarship donor's this year telling them about the person recieving their scholarship, thanking them etc.
And let me just tell you takes ARTISTIC LICENSE sometimes to pull something worth while out of a scholarship application, I mean, I'm sure if I could sit down with these kids for an hour I'd be able to go on and on about them ( even for a little bit)...but all I've got is a few brief words.
I'm glad they pay me the big bucks to do this. ;-)

In other news, said goodbye to Brendan last night. I cant believe his seven weeks in Texas are over!! How did it go by so fast?! SHOCKING!!!

During his time here, we drug him to the Americana Festival, where it was Freeeeeezing cold. ( I didnt have the best attitude about it, although that is not evident in the picture).

bing 001

I made him put on stupid hats and pose for me...

bing 002

I stood by and watched him getting felt up by a tourist trap ( taking pictures no less)...

bing 003

But, I tried to make up for my lack of hospitality by introducing him to all my favorite Donnave.

bing 004

I had him stay with friends ( Aaron) who are so exceptional that they cook HOMEMADE food and invite us all over to eat it...honestly.

bing 005

And we threw parties...complete with Pinatas...

bing 006

In fact, Bing fit in SOOO well that last night when we took this group picture...

bing 008

It made me sad that he would no longer be part of our "crowd"...we did have such fun!


Anonymous said...

Sadness...he does fit in so did not even mention that he went to play video games with your cousin, Ryan! That is fitting in!!

Stacey said...

It looks like a fun seven weeks. I can't believe how fast it went either, and I wasn't even there!!!

Bing said...

I totally was sad about leaving! I really enjoyed hanging with your friends and family, and I really did like working in Center! Just complicates decisions about the future I guess.

Oh yeah, and Mum says thanks for the pictures.