May 10, 2007

Don't dream its over...

You know...the crowded house song?
Man, that's a good song...lets google it and see if I can find it on the internet for you...


Best I could do.

Anyway, who knows why that song just popped into my head. Maybe because I was thinking about the insanity that has been my dreams lately. We're talking for WEEKS now I've been consistently remembering my dreams ( I usually dont) and they're usually very believable ( they usually arent so much),and often scary ( meh) so much so that I often confuse them with reality. Its weird.

In other news, my job is really making me happy at the moment, I've been raising money. So, it turns out that I like raising money for things if I really REALLY believe in the cause. I mean, I know that golf tournament was raising money for scholarships...but at the same time, I couldnt say without a shadow of a doubt that they money raised would go towards this year's scholarships ( which somehow made a difference in my mind). But, this week I've been writing beautiful heartfelt letters ( if I do say so myself) to convince people that have given $1,000 in the past, to give $1,000 this year as well...yesterday I got three thousand dollars.
So, remember when it took me THREE weeks to raise $4,000??

It makes a BIG difference when I believe in what I'm saying. ;-)

In other lets job-related news, Brendan is leaving tomorrow. Yes, my latest and greatest New Zealand visitor is departing from Deep East Texas. Its kinda hard to believe, he really has fit in so well with my friends and my family ( all one and the same) that I hardly feel like he should EVER leave! While I'm sure he feels way different about that, its been a pleasure having a little NZ around. meh. My next visitors from the land of the long white cloud will not be here until the end of June. hehe.


Freakin A!! This has been such a fabulous year for friends!! By the time this year ends I will have had some sort of RECORD number of visitors!!! My cup runneth over!


Em said...

...and some will have visited twice...i'll let you know if it's worth the money after the wedding!


Stacey said...

As you would say...
I have not heard (or even thought) about that song in AGES! Thanks for taking me back!