May 15, 2007

A good talking to...

Sometimes you just need a good talking to.

Last night, Brett made me feel a million trillion times better. Just by being himself.
Last night, I talked to Emma which was a relief because we all know I can't sleep when things are up in the air.
Today, I talked to Louise on the phone because I'm pretty sure she's worried about me. Maybe it was the "I think I'm going crazy!" Email I sent her last week.

So, the thing is even though I feel like crying and I have a knot in my stomach that won't go away, I know that Help is there. That Help is coming in all forms, just when I need it.
I guess I just feel like nothing is really taking the knot away. But, I am sure He will, I'm sure He will....eventually.

I really do think I'm stressed out, and mostly because of my to do list. I am overwhelmed.
That's how many things I have to do.


Brett said...

I'd just like to point out that I get to marry Abigail in less than two months time!

Christa said...

Yea!!!( about the wedding) I know that you will take good care of her Brett. If you don't you will have a group of angry Bible study girls to deal with. He! He! Just kidding!

katie said...

umm...yes, thursday sounds good to me! javs a little after 5 sound good? i have work till then... woowoo

-katie s