May 18, 2007

An hour...

So, I'm having to sacrifice my hunger for the sake of sushi today...I must wait ANOTHER HOUR before I can have lunch ( perspective: I've been hungry since 10am)...just because I want to have sushi and that's the earliest anyone can go with me.
What I will do for my, I'm hungry.

In other news, the Hellogoodbye song, "Here" is for serious making my summer better. I mean, really, it totally makes me happy. You have to turn it up loud, and you have to not be afraid to kinda bob your head a little bit in a "white persons" dance...otherwise you will miss the affect. But, yes, you should try it...if you havent already.

Complaint: The loser "music" store in my town does not have ONE SINGLE Weepies CD. And I really really wanted the CD Say I am you....of course they have twenty million country and Rap CDs....stupid store.

This time next week Brett will be here. Thank goodness. I think I'm going crazy without him. We just need to go ahead and get married already. 1 month, 3 weeks, five days. Woo. But, back to next week, Brett and I will be taking engagment photos...attending a wedding....doing more marriage counseling....aaaaaannnnnd hanging out with Auntie Donnave and Jungle Jim! YAY! Its gonna be a great weekend for reals.

As for this weekend, Nancy Cotton ( cerca 2002 and the DBM girls) will be in town hailing from Mexico....Katie and I have totally failed her when it comes to pulling together "something fabulous" for us to do while she's here. But, since our whole friendship has centered around eating really bad foods together and drinking lots and lots of Java Jacks coffee, and watching really lame teen movies and making fun of them...I'd say not much has changed.


Anonymous said...

Just another reason to love you even though it is a really shallow reason-please know that I am a die hard sushi fan and my wonderful husband loves it, too! Bonus! But I would love to have girl time with you enjoying the fruits of the sea! Oh, and have fun with your engagement pictures- fun stuff!

katie said...


i think we did a good jorb.