May 21, 2007

Let's just say...

So, the weekend was good. Busy. But good.

First of all, let me just say, Katie and I threw a fabulous "surprise graduation" party for Nancy...including cake with "Happy Graduation Nancy Cotton" written on it with green icing...


So...ummm...yeah. We threw a good party. hahahah!

And last night I stayed up really really late writing letters to my Bible Study girls. Tonight is our very last Bible Study. I honestly cannot believe our time together is over, or that we've been having Bible study every monday for a year and a half, or that during that time they went from being scared seniors in high school to successful freshmen in college....watching these girls, living life with them,praying with them, crying with them, laughing with them-its all been an absolute blessing...And probably one of the biggest highlights of my time here in Nacogdoches.
So, tonight I'm making them dinner and we're having Bible study the "extended edition" ( starting at 5:30) just to make up for the sadness that comes with the ending of something special. *sigh*

Today I'm meeting Mama Hibbard to pick out invitations for the shower she's hosting for me...I'm having a meeting with the teachers I'm hoping will take over my newspaper article when I leave.

Tomorrow I'm giving out the teacher of the year award at the final staff meeting and then running to a doctors appointment.

Wednesday I'm...I cant remember now, but something I'm sure.

Oh, and Thursday I'm off to Houston in preparation for Friday...

Friday I get to see Brett!!!! yaaaaay!! I miss him like crazy pills. Its positively horrible. I read a friends blog recently who was bemoaning her fiancee being out of town for a few weeks and how upset and sad she was....I didnt even have words to tell her that I knew how she felt. But I do. And its not fun. Not fun at all.


Lyds said...

How's that Gant Chart coming along?

Brett said...

Gant Chart? Eh?

katie said...

yesssssssss we are amazing.