June 22, 2007


They came and took my things away today. Basically I only have what will fit in a rather large, boat like, suitcase. Three weeks and I will be getting married. I honestly can't wait. I dont think its NATURAL to be away from some one you love so much.
I just watched a terrible movie for anyone who's about to get married: Miss Potter. Not to ruin anything for you, but her fiance dies while she's away on holiday with her parents who insisted that they wait to get married. Its dreadful.
But, besides me crying, it was a pretty adorable movie, I recommend it because it documents a simple innocence that is so often lost these days.

I've been having a grand ol' time the past few days completing to do lists with my mother. I feel like I'm on vacation staying in my parents house. A vacation on which I do things like call the phone company and cancel my landline and go to the post office and change my mailing address...

Tomorrow I am going to clean out my apartment. I foolishly thought it wasnt going to take long, but then I remembered I'll have to do unagreeable tasks like clean the stove. ew. Ah well, at least it is for a very good cause. I am so excited that my apartment is going to be lived in by non-stranger! Ann Marie is fantastically perfect for my apartment among the trees! My prayers were TRULY answered when I asked that God would give me someone SPECIAL to live in my apartment! Is it strange that I find it comforting that something like that would work out?! I feel like me leaving is really SUPPOSE to happen...I mean, how else would Ann Marie decide to take a teaching job at NHS and move out of her house and get the perfect place to live?!

Yes, things are falling into their places.


Bing said...

Cool story about the apartment! That does fit VERY well.

Have fun cleaning :)

Trinity said...

Ann Marie is going to be a TEACHER at NHS!?!? Johnny Walker should be turning over in his grave (if he were dead, but I don't think he is). (No offense, Ann Marie, you just don't LOOK like all the teachers we had in high school; you look a little more like the kids we hung out with that got kicked out of class for piercing their nose or forgetting their "dog tag" school i.d.) ;-)