June 21, 2007

All the things I lost sleep over...

...Were totally taken care of today. God is SO GOOD! Let me just tell you, that in a little under an hour and a half my six angels/friends ( Ryan, Josh, Thomas, Aaron, Anna and Katie) packed ALL my worldly belongings into the impossibly small space of 6ft by 9ft of truck. It should also be noted, while your gasping in delighted astonishment, that the truck did not get stuck when it was driving down my windy driveway, it did not pour down rain ( even though the sprinkles and lightening and dark clouds threated it.) and I did not have to leave anything behind because of lack of room!! SERIOUSLY!!!

I cannot tell you how realized and grateful I am.

And all day it has been really impressed upon my heart how unworthy of all the many blessings that God has given me, forgiveness for my nasty-sinful ways being at the tip-top of the list. There are really just know words for how taken-care-of and loved I feel... :-)


Paul James said...

sounds like maybe God really IS on our side! Unfortunately I'll forget that tomorrow and need another reminder!

Katie said...

im babysitting from 3-whenever evan almighty gets out! haha.. maybe we can get together tomorrow? are you busy? facebook me girlfriend.

ps. glad everything worked out well!