June 07, 2007

No matter what is going on...

My Today

All the field of my Today
Is in shadow, passes from me;
No more can I sow in it;
No more can I grow in it
Anything of joy or sorrow;
It has passed away, away.
Lies before me my Tomorrow.

In me I hear voices say
As my field recedes in shadow:
"What seed didst thou sow in it?
What lans didst thou grow in it?
Will it bring forth joy or sorrow?"
O thou field of my Today,
How wilt thou appear Tomorrow?

Holy Lord, my poor Today
Cries aloud to Thee for pardon;
Take my new field, sow in it
What THou wilt should grow in it;
Let me not sow seeds of sorrow.
Holy Husbandman, I pray
Keep the field of my Today.

Amy Carmichael

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