June 08, 2007

"you look so thin."

I'm sure the person that told me that yesterday had NO IDEA that it would impact my morning on such a profound level. As in, I would not get up to go for a run even though I made a fabulous new "let's get this party started" running play list for my ipod last night.

Yup, even though I wasnt even that tired when the alarm went off, I just wasnt feeling it. "And BESIDES someone told me I looked THIN yesterday!"
whether that is a true or not true is besides the point.
I was being lazy. darn it. It's friday afterall.

Maybe I'll run this evening instead.

Even though its suppose to be at least 100 degrees outside today ( for serious.)...

So, my father left for Tabet today...I hope he found the card that I left him. :-(
Yup, my father is going to Tabet for two weeks, there are all sorts of jokes one could make about him running away from all the wedding planning etc. etc. But we all know that's not true! Afterall, if there was ever a low-maintence wedding planning family it would me mine.
I was reading that annoying comic strip "For Better or Worse" today in the newspaper, and it was all about how this friends mother was running the girls wedding...it was awful. And I'm dreadfully thankful that I have SUCH a wonderful mother, who is as far away from the pushy mother-of-the-bride as she can be...

I'm currently trying to get all my work done by the 20th of June. I had orginally told my board that I would leave on the 22nd. But, in all honesty I can have everything that *i* think should be done by the 20th...and, hey, I'm MOVING on the 21st!!!
So, yeah, its not up for discussion. Besides, its crazy pills hot in my office.


Would anyone like to go see Ocean's Thirteen with me this afternoon or this evening?!
edit: Going to see Ocean's Thirteen at 8:15. Let me know if you'd like to join in!


Brett said...

Yes, I'd love to go with you! *sniff*

Katie said...

DANG. i should have read this sooner. :( meeeh. hope it was good. :(

Stacey said...

Oh man! I can't remember the last time I heard someone call me thin ... maybe that's because it has NEVER HAPPENED! Hahaha!
By the way, you look incredibly thin to me too!