June 13, 2007

Nocturnally Nasty. And other complaints

So, at this present moment, I have a loudly purring kitten asleep in my lap. You would NEVER guess that this little soft ball of fluff is the one responsible for the SEVERAL large unsightly gashes on my legs....nope. She only gets violent at night.
Yes, being the mommy to this little kitten has been a tad painful, but its also been pretty fun. B.B. was VERY entertaining yesterday when she thought the giant garbage bag full of plastic supermarket bags ( which are perfect for packing books in by the way...we'll get to that in a sec.) was the BEST trampoline ever.. She would run...and jump high into the air to land smack dab in the middle of the plastic bags, where she would nestle for a while and purr loudly, then get back up, run, jump, rustle around in the bags...repeat. cute.

What isnt cute are the giant gashes in on my legs, hands and arms that she bite/scratched her way into me at various intervals last night, when she couldnt find anything else worthy of being attacked with her mighty viciousness.... Doesnt she know I'm getting MARRIED soon?! I look like an abused person.

I've been busy "trying" to pack. I hate packing. The moment the packing process starts I get depressed and stressed. my house is a wreck and its pointless to clean it, because I'm just going to pack it all up and create more messes. But, I've got one week today to have everything packed up and ready to go. Of course, that seeeeeems like plenty of time, but first we need to discount lots of time for travel ( airport time for Brett! eee!), shower time ( yay! these wedding showers are fun!!), work time ( last week of work, seriously stressing me out. too much to do. )....so I actually dont have as much time as I THINK I do to pack..

I'm also stressed because I'm worried about the moving truck getting stuck at my house ( basically I live on a muddy hill and with all this rain, its gonna be rough. So, if you think about it...pray that these "little afternoon showers" would stop for at least a week )...and I'm worried I will forget something, or wont have all the right packing equipment....do I need a ramp for the truck? What exactly IS an 4 by 8 piece of wood and why do I need two of them?? Do I need blankets for all my mirrors and glass tables?!
These are the things going through my mind...

But, I'm trying to use my sister's technique of telling myself that "this time next week it'll all be over"...It kind of works, at least it helps me not to feel toooo sorry for myself, after all, all the things that are major stressors right now , work and moving, will be OVER come next friday.

Then I think we should party.

Until then, dont except me to blog anything profound.

Yes, and did I mention that today at work, I was majorly focused ( somebody pat me on the back) and I told myself I wouldnt go to lunch until I came to a good "stopping point"....so now, lets take guesses of when that was?!

That's right...six hours later I was finally at a "stopping point".

And this is why I never work particularly hard, it only leads to major sugar lows!

So, I came home to a really lonely cat, where I ate Special K cereal and wrote thank you notes. ( if anyone receives a thank you with milk on it...you know why....) for hours.

I know that one day in the future my life is not going to be this crazy....but at this present moment I can't imagine when that will be...


katie scifres said...

meh. sounds like fun... call me if you need any help! we should have a legit movie night soon... ha... AND dont pack all the baby movies. even though im sure your parents have those. yeah, we need to figure out when to do that btw.

Carina said...

They will probably use the 4 by 8s as a ramp for the truck. That's just my feminine guess.