June 11, 2007

Chicken, running, head, off

Man, today's been super busy. I'm SO tired of being at work. I wanna quit. Today.
Only a few more days, and I still kinda want to leave with everyone still loving me, so I suppose I'll try to finish off all the remaining things for me to do.
In about ten minutes I'm going home. Because I have a kitten who's probably lonely ( yes, I'm baby-sitting baby B.B. for the Kings while they are at their beach house....incidently, I wonder if the King family realized they just named their cat B.B. King.) I went home over my lunch break and she ran and sat on my feet and purred really loudly as if to say, "meeeh! I've missed having a person around to bite!"

I've got scratches all over my arms from her "love bites"...she's kinda into playing rough...at 6am.

Anyway, I'm going home to play with the kitten, and to fold newsletters. Yup, that's right...onnnnneeeeee laaaaaaaassssstttttt newsletter before I leave! Woo! And then...Never again.

Before I leave, however, I must leave you with one last thing: Katie (as in my "quasi-sister-in-law") has started a yummy new blog....so check it out and encourage herin her endeavors!

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