June 04, 2007

sit very very still

...or your bellybutton will start to sweat.

My office has officially lost the good will of Nacogdoches High School ( aka. they have cut off the airconditioning in my building for the summer).
Its kinda hot in here. But probably not as hot as it WILL be in the next few weeks. meeh.

So, next week, I'm taking care of Amy's family's new kitten. B.B. ( I can't remember what B.B. stands for). I'm kinda excited. Kinda nervous.
I've never taken care of a KITTEN before, surely baby cats are harder than full grown cats, and they DEFINITELY need more attention. But, at the same time, I'm not allergic to baby cats ( they dont have the hair dander yet)...so for that I am grateful, because I DOOO love cats so much. :-(

It should also be noted that in two weeks I will offically be packing up my apartment. And therefore I will probably start mixing my usual "wedding disaster" dreams with "moving disaster" dreams just to make my sleeping life even MORE like my real life. hahaha.
But, seriously, I'm nervous. I'm nervous about the giant truck that will be coming to my house, and hopefully making it down my driveway. I'm nervous about the "wood planks" that i have to buy...and the possible "ramp" I'm going to need...all of these things are part of the very "for males to deal with only" category of my life.
And of course, Brett will be all up in Washington, being unhelpful there. And my father will be in Tibet ( yes, I know, my father is going to Tibet for two weeks....its crazy), being unhelpful there. So, I will be calling in all of my already used up favors from my handsome, talented, smart, generous friends to get this much needed and stressful task completed. *sigh*

( If you would like to be a part of the greatest, most satisfying party of the year: Prepare yourself for "Abigail moves into an 18 wheeler" Party to be held on June 21st-in the evening time...or whenever you can make it. Regrets only.)


christa said...

You can count me in on the move! And I am sure that I have some males in my family that would be glad to help. But I havent talked to them yet. I hope that your day goes well! Maybe when you and I aren't busy we can grab some coffee and have a chat.

Paul James said...

hmmm, while that was an excellent description of me (although you forgot "strong" and "tan") I will be unhelpful in Denton that weekend :-)

Anonymous said...

Be careful, long lists of adjectives can be used to rule ones self out if needed. Though I must say, your current list fits pretty nicely ;-)


David said...

Unfortunately I'm all unhelpful in NZ, otherwise I'd be there with bells on (NZ English strikes again!) Good luck with the move!

esther said...

Well, I'll be helpful in Nacogdoches.

Come on guys, step up . . . or we'll just have a beautiful, talented, smart, generous (though not very strong or tan I'm afraid) "girls moving Abigail into an 18-wheeler party".

Not a good idea, considering that we'd probably be doing more talking than moving since I'm involved ;)