June 19, 2007

take care of.

Life is at the weirdest spot right now. I’m currently packing, finishing up my job (tomorrow’s my last day! Tonight is my last board-meeting!) and trying to do last minute wedding organizations, preparing for a heap load of visitors, AND think about the future…

My mother has been a GOD SEND…she has been practically attacking my to-do list(s) with some sort of amazing force that I cannot even explain, but for which I am SUPER thankful for!! I’ve also been grateful for Brett and his family and how really fabulous they’ve been in helping me do all these annoying “pack up your life” tasks….and Ryan and Anna…they’re being great too! Oh, and all my wonderful friends who are going to come ( hint, hint) and help me move on Thursday evening ( starting at 5:30/6pm)…I feel very taken care of in the physical sense.
So, seriously, I’m lucky. I’m lucky because while life seems a TAD out of control, I also have a very real sense that someone is IN control. Yes, God has been so very present and comforting and teaching and reassuring and encouraging and reminding…and all those wonderful Father-God kinda things! …I feel very taken care on the not-physical sense too.

And, hey, look at that count down...I’m getting married really soon. Can you believe it?!


katie said...

ABIGAILLLLLLLLLLLL i will be there. cant wait to help, do you need me to bring anything to help load? or is my body enough?!?!? meh. we need some java jacks action soon.

christa said...

Awww. I won't be there to help! That is the last night of VBS! I really did want to help. :(